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Coach C helped my nephew become a better fielder and base runner in just a few lessons. This made him more confident a player and he now enjoys the game much more. It shows in his game play as well as his plate appearances, and his passion for the game is stronger than ever before. With confidence comes self respect and respect for others. Thank you coach, you have a teriffic rapport with your players.

Kip Styals & Cole


Coach C is a solid guy, approachable and he truly cares about the players he is working with. He has been involved with baseball/softball for a long time. He is well organized and always has a game plan. My kiddo always learns something when she spends time on the field with Coach C.

Dean Donato & Taylor


Coach Clements has coached the children here in Seal Beach for many years and they love him. He is kind and thoughtful, and loves to help everyone. I always see him on the baseball fields working with the players. You can see that he cares!

Tina Marie Coates (parent)


Mike is a truly dedicated and organized coach. His experience shows in his ability to manage, teach and motivate his players. His practices are the most energetic and inspiring we have ever seen, and he coaches his games with the passion and maturity you want from your child's roll model.

Team Parent


Coach C was instrumental in helping my team win the league finals. He was extremely supportive of our coaches and players which led us to victory. Thanks Mike, you are a wonderful coach and mentor.

Shay Seitz


Hi coaches,

    I played awesome games behind the plate yesterday. I executed what we focused on in Saturday's lesson.

I tried back-picking 2nd & 3rd a few times and got outs!

    Also, my throw down is becoming more accurate, and I am able to throw all the way to home when playing outfield. I am getting much stronger, thank you both!

Yuri Song


    Coach Mike & Taryn's teaching methods are very detailed in every lesson. They train every player to think at that next level, which means not only practice drills but teaching situational knowledge. For example, they taught my daughter not just how to back-pick or throw out runners, but when, why and the most successful methods.

    She implemented those lessons into her very next game, and threw out several "very surprised runners." It was such a rewarding achievement, and got the attention and praise of her coaches. We can't wait to see how much she will grow while working with coaches Taryn & Mike

Christine Song

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