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Our number one objective is for each player to steadily improve while having a great time! So we focus on strengthening every aspect of their game:

A Stronger Defense

   Our fielding classes not only train you in the skills needed, but also in the theory of the game and the mental awareness required of your position. Understand every situation before the pitch, so you are ready once the ball is put in play.

A Smarter Offense

   Having a plan before stepping into the batter's box is key. Don't waste your opportunity. We will teach you the right approach for whatever situation you face when you're at bat, so you can contribute successfully to the team. Our batting approach and base running strategies will give you that much needed edge to produce more runs, and make you a menace on the bases!

Developing Your Personal Swing

   Hitting a baseball or softball is the most difficult thing to do in all sports. With only a fraction of a second to determine your actions, you have to make sure that you have trained in the necessary knowledge and mechanics. But because no two batters are the same, you need to develop your own personal and successful swing. This we can help you with.

Coach Taryn, Yuri & Yennah
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